How to find Minecraft Diamonds

17 January, 2023

How to find Minecraft Diamonds

One of the most important things that you can do is collect Minecraft diamonds. It will be difficult to progress beyond the mud houses and stone tools stage of Minecraft without the precious gemstone. You can use diamonds for armour and tools. They are a game-changer and are therefore hard to find on your travels.

It's easy for Minecraft diamonds to be found once you know where to look. But that's only half the battle. Many people are frustrated at not being able to find diamonds. However, this only makes the reward that much more satisfying when you do finally find one. Pocket Tactics created this guide to help you experience the pure excitement of finding a rare, but very important, diamond.

Our guide is here to help. You will eventually need to search for diamonds in Minecraft. But that doesn't mean that we can't help. Below is a list of methods and details about the fastest and most reliable ways you can find diamonds in Minecraft.

What are Minecraft diamonds?

Mine it - This may seem like the easiest way to find Minecraft diamonds. However, it is the most reliable. All biomes below the earth's surface can produce diamond ore. If you are lucky, the ore can spawn in veins as large as ten blocks. A Nether Fortress is an enormous, red-bricked, dark structure that is made up of two parts. Either the ceiling has no ceiling or it is made from Netherrack. You will need to find one block of lava inside the fortress in order to find diamonds. Look for diamonds in the chests you find when you enter.
Shipwrecks: You will need some luck to find Minecraft diamonds inside a shipwreck. First, build a boat. Next, locate the ocean. You will then need to sail around and dive into murky waters to find underwater treasures in shipwrecks. You can also find shipwrecks on Icebergs, which could contain maps and buried treasure.
You can find maps in Minecraft that show the location of buried treasure. The buried treasure can be found under sand gravel or water. Maps can be obtained from shipwrecks or underwater ruins.

Mineshafts: While spelunking, it is possible to stumble upon an abandoned mineshaft. These chests may contain diamonds

Temples: Certain randomly-generated structures may spawn with diamonds within. Both the jungle temples and desert temples have a chance to produce between one and three diamonds within their chests. The Woodland Mansion is located in the dark forest biome and may contain a room that contains a solid block containing diamonds. This block can either spawn within the obsidian secret rooms or in the lava secret rooms. The official wiki has more information about the mansion.
End City: To reach the End City, you must kill the Ender Dragon. This biome is where you'll find the best loot. This area is home to chests that drop diamonds and enchanted loot such as chest plates, swords, pickaxes, and other diamond loot.

Villages: Villages are a great way to find one to three diamonds quickly and easily without having to go looking. You can find diamonds if you find either the weaponsmith's or the toolsmiths chest. If you don't know what the buildings are, look for the weaponsmiths grindstone or toolsmiths smithing table.
Bastion Remnant is a structure that was added in Minecraft 1.16 and only spawns in The Nether. This structure's treasure room may contain diamonds, enchanted items and normal diamond items such as pickaxes.

How to make a Minecraft diamond pickaxe

How to build a Minecraft diamond pickaxe.

You can either punch the wood or use a tool like an Axe to gather it from trees.
Open your inventory once you have at most a few wood blocks.
To turn the Wood Blocks into wood planks, place them in the crafting area located above your inventory
To make a crafting area, place one wooden plank in each slot.
Move the crafting table from the crafting area to your Inventory.
Click on the button to place the crafting table
You will need to place your wood planks in the crafting area and turn them into sticks.
Take your sticks and wooden planks out of the crafting area
Two sticks should be placed in the crafting area: one in the middle and one below it.
Place one diamond in each slot on the top row of your crafting area.
Grab your diamond pickaxe, and get out there mining for ore!

Tips and tricks for mining Minecraft diamonds

Strip mining - To strip mine, dig to the twelfth floor from the bottom. Then, dig in a straight line. Next, count two blocks, and then dig sideways in the right and left directions from your middle channel. Each tunnel should have two blocks. This is because each strip will reveal which blocks are on the right and left sides of the tunnel. A gap of one block is much less efficient.

Tunnels: Once you have reached the desired level, it is time to dig a 2-block-high tunnel for your character to use. You can continue digging until you find diamonds. You can dig straight, left, or right. Keep your feet on the desired level (3/10).

Clearing: Once you have reached your desired height, it can be tempting to smash every stone in front of you. This method can produce surprising results (5/10), even though it is more expensive than using a pickaxe.

Cave exploration: If you want to find diamonds within a cave, you need to make sure it is the right cave. The cave must be able to continue for miles and reach near the ground. This is a great place to explore if you find an underground chasm. To escape, you will need food and blocks. It is best to use torchlight to mark your way. This is a time-consuming, but fun (7/10).

Fortune 3: If you are mining diamonds, you will want to enchant the pickaxe to fortune three.