How to make a Fire Resistance Potion

10 January, 2023

How to make a Fire Resistance Potion

There are many things in Minecraft that can hurt or kill you. Many of these can be countered by building armor. You will need to keep a few fire resistance potions on hand in order to protect yourself against fireball attacks and fireballs, as well as the endless lava lakes found underground and in The Nether.

How to Make a Minecraft Fire Resistance Potion

How to Make the Potion

- Nether wart
Magma cream
- A water bottle
- Blaze powder

How to Make a Minecraft Fire Resistance Potion

Open Brewing Stand interface.

You will need to make a brewing stand, then place it on the table. Then, you can interact with it.

Place at most one Blaze powder in upper left slot on brewing stand.

One Blaze powder can be used to create multiple potions.

Insert a water bottle in the bottom left corner of the brewing interface.

Insert the Nether Wart into the top middle slot in the brewing interface.

After the process is complete, the water bottle will become an Awkward Pot.

Place the Magma Cream into the upper middle slot on the brewing interface.

You can now move the Fire potion to your inventory.

How to use a Fire Resistance Potion in Minecraft

You are temporarily immune to heat-based damage while you are under the effects of a fire resistant potion. This means that you won't be affected by Blaze's fireballs or any other natural source of fire or lava. This makes potions essential for future trips to the Nether.

How to use a fire resistant potion in Minecraft:

Use the Fire Resistance potion.

Use your use item button to drink the Fire Resistance potion.

To check the remaining time of your Fire Resistance, you can open your inventory.

You can enter lava with Fire Resistance activated.

This potion can still set you on fire, so don't forget to get out before it ends.

How to get Nether Wart, Blaze Powder, & Magma cream

If you are lucky enough to find a witch's house, you might find fire resistance potions available for free.

Once you have created a portal to the Nether, it is time to search for the parts you need to make fire resistance potions. Here's how you can get netherwart:

You can get the items in any order you like, but netherwart is the easiest. This red fungus can be found in Nether Fortresses and a variety of other locations.

Harvest the NetherWart with any tool and then dig up the Soul Sand.

Once you return to your base, the Soul Sand can be placed, the Nether Wart planted, and you will have an endless supply of the stuff.

How to get Blaze Powder

You will need blaze to power your brewing station, blaze to make magma and one blaze rod for your brewing system.

Locate the Blaze in The Nether.

These enemies can often be found in Nether fortresses. If you are unable to find one, or you have Minecraft cheats enabled you can spawn one by typing "/summon blaze".

Fight the Blaze.

Grab the Blaze rods that drop.

Insert a Blaze rod in your crafting interface.

Discard the Blaze powder from your crafting output.

Making Magma Cream in Minecraft: Finding and Making It

Look for chests while you're searching the Nether for Nether Wart and Blazes.

You might be able to find a chest containing Magma Cream if you're really lucky.

If there is no Magma Cream in your area, you can leave the Nether to search for Slimes.

Fight and defeat some Slimes.

Grab any Slime they drop.

Open your crafting interface.

Use slime and powder in this pattern.

Add Magma Cream to your crafting output.

To run the brewing station, you need Blaze powder.

How to make water bottles in Minecraft

Pour sand into a furnace to create glass.

Open the crafting interface, and place glass in this design.

Fill a bottle with water and press the use item button.

Windows 10 or Java Edition: Right Click
Pocket Edition: Tap on the Fish button.
Xbox 360 and Xbox One: Use the left trigger
PS3 and PS4: Click the L2 button.
Wii U and Switch: Click the ZL button.

Now your water bottle can be transformed into a potion.

How can I make a Minecraft healing potion?
Open a brewing station and add a NetherWart to a water bottle to make a Healing Potion. To make the Healing Potion, add a Glistering Melon. To make a stronger potion for your health, you can add Glowstone dust.

How can I make an invisible potion in Minecraft?
Open the Brewing Stand menu to activate the Blaze powder and make an invisibility potion for Minecraft. Next, add the night vision potion to a bottom container and add a fermented Spider eye. Once the brewing process has completed, the spider eye will vanish and your bottle will be filled with an invisibility potion.

How do I make a Minecraft speed potion?
To create a Potion of Swiftness in Minecraft add a Nether Wart and a Water Bottle to make an Awkward Potion. To make a Potion of Swiftness, add sugar to the Awkward Potion. Redstone can be added to extend its duration.