How to make a Portal in Minecraft

2 January, 2023

How to make a Portal in Minecraft

This tutorial will show you how to create two portals, one leading to the Nether biome, and one to reach the End biome. You may want to immediately build an End Portal, but you will need to get an item from the Nether Fortress in order to do so. This can be hard to find. You will need to first build a Nether Portal.

Create a Nether Portal by mining obsidian blocks

Obsidian blocks are the frames for your Nether Portal. Obsidian can be obtained by using a water bucket, a pickaxe made of diamonds, and a pool full of red-hotlava.

Step 1 - Get your water bucket ready and start collecting water.

Step 2 - Find a pool made of lava and water it.

Step 3 - Once the lavas has cooled, use the empty bucket to retrieve the water.

Step 4 - Use a diamond pickaxe to mine the obsidian.

Make a Nether Portal: Create steel and flint

Step 1 - Open Your Furnace.

Step 2 - Place iron ore in the top square.

Step 3 - Place fuel in the bottom square. This includes wood, charcoal, or coal - basically anything that can burn.

Step 4 - Drag the resulting iron ingot into your inventory.

Note - You can place more than one ferrous ore and one fuel in the Furnace at a time to create multiple iron ingots from one sitting. The Furnace will continue to smelt until all or some of the resources are exhausted or you close it.

Next, you will need to have flint or iron ingots in your inventory so that you can make the steel and flint tools.

Step 5: Open your Crafting Table.

Step 6 - Place one iron ingot in the top square of the left column.

Step 7 - Place one flint in the middle square of the middle column.

Step 8 - Drag the flint/steel tool down into your inventory.

You can build a Nether Portal.

Blaze powder - Created by inserting one blaze rod in the center square of the Crafting Table. A Blaze drops a blaze rod, which protects a Nether Fortress. Gunpowder – Obtained by killing Creepers or opening chests.
Coal - This is a form of coal that is mined from coal ore. You can find it from 4 to 15 blocks below the surface.

Step 1: Open your Crafting Table.

Step 2 - Place one gunpowder on the left side of the top row.

Step 3 - Place one blaze powder into the middle square of the top row.

Step 4 - Place one coal in the right square of the top row.

Step 5 - Drag the three fire charges that resulted down into your inventory.

Step 6 - Repeat these steps as needed.

Your Nether Portal

Step 1 - Place four obsidian blocks in the ground.

Step 2 Stack four obsidian blocks on top of the block that is currently on the ground. This creates a column with five blocks.

Step 3 Stack four obsidian blocks on top of the right block that is currently on the ground. This creates a column with five blocks.

Step 4 - Connect the columns using two obsidian blocks

Step 5 Move your flint, steel or fire charge from the inventory to the Hotbar. Then, select it.

Step 6 - To ignite the portal, do the following:

PC - Right-click on any obsidian block's inner side.
Console - Select the innermost side of any obsidian blocks and press the left trigger button.
Mobile - Touch the inner side of any obsidian blocks.

Step 7 - Step on to the dark side.

Note : A block in the Nether equals 8 blocks in the Overworld. Be careful about how far you go from the Nether Portal.

Create an End Portal

Invading an underground Stronghold is the only way to gain access to an End Portal in Survival Mode. To locate a Stronghold, load Chunkbase into your web browser and enter your world seed number. This online app will give you the coordinates for each Stronghold.

There is no other way to craft an End Portal Frame block. They are only available in the Creative Mode inventory. Technically, you can temporarily switch to Creative Mode to build the portal and then switch to Survival Mode.

These are the ingredients that you will need to build this portal.

12 Eyes of Ender
12 End Portal Frame Blocks

Create an End Portal: Build an Eye of Ender

One Ender Pearl - This is dropped from a fallen Enderman.
One blaze powder – To create this ingredient you will need to place one blazerod into the Crafting Table's center square. This item is usually dropped by a fallen Blaze that guards a Nether Fortress.

Step 1: Open your Crafting Menu.

Step 2 - Place one Ender Pearl in the center of the middle row.

Step 3 - Place one blaze powder in the right square of the middle row.

Step 4 - Drag the resulting Eye of Ender into your inventory.

Step 5 - Continue these steps until you have 12 Eyes of Ender.

Build an End Portal: The Frame

Step 1: Consider yourself standing on block zero. As shown above, count two blocks forward and place your first End Portal frame block in the "two". Place the second and the third blocks on either side of the first block.

Between you and the End Portal Frame Blocks, there should be an empty space (the number 1 shown above).

Step 2 - Without moving, turn 90° in place and repeat Step 1.

Step 3 - Without moving, turn 90 degrees in the same place as Step 1 and repeat Step 1.

Step 4 - Finally, move in a straight line and turn 90 degrees.

As shown in the above image, we placed a grass block in the middle to show where we stood. Red wool blocks were used to show the one-block space between players and End Portal Frame blocks.

Pay attention to the arrows. To allow the portal to open, the End Portal Frame block engravings must point inward towards the player. The portal will not activate if it isn't.

The layout above is incorrect. The engravings are not pointing inward, but rather away from the frame. These engravings must point inward. This is why it is so important to place them correctly.

Create an End Portal: Place The Eye of Ender

Commands for Gamers Playing on PC - Right-click the End Portal Frame Block.
Commands for Gaming Consoles: Target the End Portal Frame Block and press the left trigger key.
Commands for Mobile Device Gamers: Tap on the End Portal Frame Block.

The image below shows an unsuccessful attempt to position the End Portal Frame Blocks correctly. The portal won't work if the blocks aren't positioned so that the engravings face inward.

Create an End Portal: Create another End Portal

Once you have experienced the End biome, you can easily create another portal. Once you have mastered the process, you will be able to create a new portal in no time. Once you have created this portal, you will be taken to your spawn point within the Overworld dimension.

Unfortunately, once you are in the Overworld territory, you can't travel to the End city via an End Portal. After preparing the Ender Pearls, you can still access the End Gateway to gain entry to the End City or End Ship. Once you have this done, you can create another portal to transport you from End City to your home.