Minecraft Meets Genshin

4 December, 2022

Minecraft Meets Genshin

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play RPG that focuses on Minecraft, which is a great sandbox game. Although they don't share much in common, Genshin Impact has helped them come together thanks to this video.

The video's title is “Who Needs Grenades when You Can Have… Pocket Creeper?”. This led us to believe that it was a Minecraft mod and not a Genshin one. But, hey, we've all been tricked before. It shows Alex making a cute little creeper out of clay, which is truly one of our favorite things, even before it explodes. It does get a cuddle afterward, which is nice.

H4xolotl posted this video to Reddit. It turns out that it's more than just a mod to make Amber into Alex. It also includes a few other bits. The general aesthetic of Genshin Impact has been preserved, but the Minecraft mobs have replaced all the creatures. The Teyvat greens are lush and the zombies look strangely at ease in them, but even things like their boat have been modified.

It's a thrilling ride from beginning to end, and we wonder if there will ever be a more immersive Minecraft RPG. Although Minecraft Dungeons is a lot of fun and Minecraft Legends looks intriguing, it's nothing like being able to sail after throwing out a cute creeper or fighting off a bunch of zombies with fancy martial art moves and a spear.

Have you seen IKEA's version of Minecraft? This is yet another bizarre foray into the uncanny. Enjoy!